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High Quality - On Time - PHP Consultants

  • Do you need a reliable and experienced PHP consultant to help you finish your project? 
  • Do you have a PHP application in the works but your current PHP consultant is taking too long to get the job done? 
  • Does your existing PHP application have bugs that cause a poor user experience?


Bridge PHP consultants complete projects with a dramatically high rate of success and client satisfaction. Bridge gets it right the first time. In an industry that gets it right the first time as low as 25% of the time, Bridge gets it right the first time an astounding 97% of the time!  This means you get to market on time, with the least amount of your time.


We keep our clients businesses from being held up by software projects that fail, never end, or PHP application software that does not function properly. We get your project finished and your PHP application ready for production, so you can execute on your business goals.


Bridge PHP consultants commonly take over struggling or failed PHP application projects from other teams and finish them.


Exceptionally Responsive to Our Clients
U.S. Based staff from our San Diego office will answer your phone calls. If you have an emergency, we will answer or return your call after hours, 24/7/365.  If you are having an issue that can’t be resolved through your project coordinator, you can talk directly with the principals – Robert Clasby (COO) or Mark Jones (CTO).


Planned and Predictable client involvement with the team
Project status is planned and predictable. Each week we use online meetings to demonstrate the working code on a staging server, and then discuss what will be worked on during the next week. You will always know where your project stands.


High quality, “Drama-less” Software Development
Our team follows software development and project management processes that even NASA would approve of.  Test driven development with extremely low defect rates.   Engineers report on their metrics to the team on a weekly basis to promote accountability.  We use an automated test suite to test for regressions.  The result is a less buggy, less drama, code release.


Engineer Boot Camp
We hire “Rock Star” PHP consultants and put them through a 90 day training boot camp. Not everyone passes. We only hire the best, and we train them to be better.


Lead by Unmatched Industry Experience
Founders have unmatched industry experience getting software projects to market that utilize cutting edge technologies. – close to 20 years each.


Bridge PHP consultants get the job done for your business.

U.S. Owned and Operated.
Owned by two of the Internet’s original “webmasters” – developing web apps in 1995; directly managing the worlds best software development team today.

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