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Software product’s quality, relevance and revenue are falling

A product’s profits and quality were declining and the product was falling behind the market. The product team had lost touch with the customer base, the sales team took renewal orders from procurement, not from decision makers. Product management did not track metrics on features used by customers.


A study of support calls and customer interviews was used to identify features and platforms in demand. The results followed 80/20, 80% of customers only used 20% of the features and platforms. Processes were put in place that forced decision maker interaction. All features and platforms now had to meet revenue justification.


Unprofitable platforms and products were eliminated from the product and offered as ‘consulting’ at a much higher price. Consulting work that added value was rolled into future releases of the product to keep the product relevant in its market.


Engineers freed up by the reduction in features and platforms were applied to improving the engineering practices. This resulted in fewer bugs, less rework, lower customer support cost and more productivity. The size of the physical IT infrastructure was reduced 70%. Market relevance and quality improved sales, retention and profitability.