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Real Estate Sales Commission Software as a Service Platform

The purpose of the subscription based SaaS platform is to make complicated commission plans simple for real estate professionals.  The system keeps track of different types of commission plans and components that make up a plan, including the complex calculations behind them.  Users simply need to drag and drop commission percentages and splits in a user interface that builds the commission structure.


Primary features of the multi-tenant system include multiple organizations with multiple users in a hierarchy, with the ability to have relationships across organizations based on buyer and seller agent relationships for a specific property sale.  The subscription based service keeps track of commission plan components, and specific commission agreements for each transaction, and keeps track of details for each transaction.  The system also features reporting and leader boards for the sales users.


The code was written in PHP using the Code Igniter framework, with heavy Javascript UI functionality.  As always, Bridge utilized test driven development, writing an automated test suite as the team built the software, and dramatically reducing bug fixing and QA time.