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Engineering Project Management Software as a Service Platform

A 5 person software company that has been in business for 20 years serving the Architectural and Engineering market with specialized project management software was looking to rewrite their legacy desktop software that was written in Filemaker pro. In order to keep up with the market, client wanted to re-write the software for the Cloud. The client initially chose a development team in India who failed to complete the project after a year and a half, so the client pulled the project and hired Bridge.


Initially, Bridge was hired to do an assessment of code base that was developed by the India team.  The code was written in PHP using the Code Igniter framework, with heavy Javascript UI functionality.  After receiving Bridge’s assessment, the client decided to hire Bridge to rewrite code, maintaining only some of the UI concepts developed by the Client and the previous development team.


Bridge utilized test driven development, writing an automated test suite as the team built the software, and dramatically reducing bug fixing and QA time.  Bridge created capacity tests to simulate 100,000 users to ensure the end product would sufficiently support it’s user base.


Bridge created a minimum viable product, as well as most of the back end work for a full featured product in a little over a year.  Primary components of the multi-tenant SaaS platform included an integrated Contact Management System, Accounting System, and Project Management system with the ability to employ custom business rules and user rights per tenant.  The client participated in weekly meetings, approving finished work and providing feedback. The client then took over the software to continuously build in house using their in-house development team.