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5 years, no progress on “Enterprise” application environment

A strategic initiative to modernize the internal infrastructure for managing millions of trades and transactions had failed several times over the previous 5 years. The new executive team needed to deliver visible results. Outside ‘consultants’ were out of favor at the moment, I was brought on ‘full time’ and identified internal talent to recruit for the project.


The requirements and scope were narrowed to meet the immediate business goals. A process of incremental improvement and regular useable releases was presented and accepted by the internal “Architecture Standards” committee. A technology plan and development plan to meet the immediate needs was created. Keeping the commitment level of the plan to only a few months also diffused the internal politics, “staying below the radar”.


In six months the team had delivered 2 useable roll-outs. With in 18 months the the entire infrastructure was completed. The infrastructure has been up since 2005, and it was the only enterprise component to regain full functionality without human intervention during two disaster recovery situations.